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PRODIGY (Copyright © 2016)

A film by Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal, Starring Savannah Liles, Richard Neil, Jolene Andersen, Colleen Dallons, Genaro Marzan

Savannah Liles is... "PRODIGY"

During the 2017 Sedona Film Festival, Savannah Liles was seen in her feature film debut, a mind-bending, science fiction supernatural and psychological thriller.

Since then, the film has been selected for multiple film festivals and has won multiple awards, including one given to Savannah, herself, for Best leading actress in an independent feature by The Young Entertainer Awards at Universal Studios Globe Theatre. Prodigy is now available on many platforms for your viewing pleasure, receiving rave reviews.

Savannah Liles

​​​​Professional Actress, Model