Savannah Liles

​​​​Professional Actress, Model


The making of an American actress...

Welcome to my website. 

Of course this site is about promoting my acting career, but it is also a place to have fun and learn about acting. I like to think of it as a "hang out spot" where I can interact with my visitors and build a growing community of friends. As time goes on I am hoping to add many exciting and fun-filled features to this site that will make you feel like you'll always have a fun place to go.


I have learned a lot of things since I've been training and working in acting and modeling. I think the most important thing is that to be successful in this industry it is important to always be mindful of setting new goals and expanding your horizons. 

Bigger, more important, and more challenging jobs which inspire me to constantly develop and improve my skills are my goal. I am passionate about constantly learning and improving the vital skills and talents that will make me a more versatile and capable model when promoting a product or service, and those that are necessary to captivate an audience and stir their emotions when I am playing a character in a play, television, and now in a feature-length movie, Prodigy

It is important to make lots of friends and friendly acquaintances. I love to think of modeling and acting as a community of friends, even though competition is a strong element. When I am at an event with a bunch of other young people, it is so easy and exciting to make friends and new connections. I know that at least some of the people I meet, I will know for a very long time to come, maybe even a lifetime.


We've come a long way in a short time since I started doing the acting thing. It's hard to believe that these days I'm busy either filming for Nickelodeon or auditioning for a major studio, or acting in a feature film. I remember the days when my "momager" (mom + manager) and I were trying to reach the rest of the world from a little out-of-the-way place in Northern Arizona. When opportunity would call, we would be loading up the minivan full of suitcases and travel gear, and away we go! But, those are the old days and living in LA puts us much closer to the action - so to speak - along with the lights and the cameras. Being so close to where everything in the broadcast and film entertainment world are happening usually means we don't have to pack huge amounts of luggage when we travel to auditions and film locations, Whew! 

It used to be that traveling to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and as nearby as Phoenix was a pretty regular thing when I was going to modeling events and talent shows. Someday my acting career will probably take me back to those places and more, but doing more film and television seems to keep me busy right here at home in LA. Since I love to travel and see exciting new places, getting there is half the fun (or, maybe even three quarters of the fun). One thing is for sure though... when I'm traveling I really miss my dad and my dogs; Lacey, Cessa, Sierra, Lucy, and Abby. 


Modeling and acting are LIFE! Lots of hard work, schedules to keep, and all the hustle and bustle in between, but the payoff is the brilliant and wonderful people that I am constantly surrounded by, and the exciting places I get to see and experience. 

This is truly a labor of love, but my loving and supportive mom and dad will always be my greatest inspiration.

Getting into modeling and acting was like being a small person going through a little door that opened up into this huge world. At first this world seemed so big, and so full of new things and spinning so fast that it made me dizzy. But, with the loving and guiding hand of my dear mom leading me from one place to the next, and being able to hear my far away dad's voice on the phone before I sleep, I don't feel so dizzy anymore. I am confident and excited in each new challenge. 

Someday, when I am older, I hope I can inspire other young people the way I have been inspired by the important people in my life, and the great and talented people who I have grown to admire.