Savannah Liles

​​​​Professional Actress, Model


"Savannah Liles is Amazing!"

  - Eli Roth

​    producer, director, writer, actor

"Savannah Liles is such a pleasure to work with. She is truly gifted, and razor smart. She works harder than most adult actors I know, and I think she is a rising star. Thank you so much for allowing Savannah to join the TIDELANDS cast!"

  - Anne Lower, PrincessScribe actor's blog
    director, writer, producer, blogger

    Burbank, CA

Savannah Liles debuts in her first feature length film. 

Savannah Liles is "Ellie", a dangerous young sociopathic genius with supernatural powers, matches wits with an unconventional psychologist where they engage in a mind-bending psychological chess match, as the girl's fate hangs in the balance.

Savannah Liles is, "PRODIGY"

Savannah Liles