Savannah Liles

​​​​Professional Actress, Model


Savannah Liles... Sprite? Imp? Elemental Spirit, or Alien?

In a recent article regarding Mercedes-Benz & British Fashion Council's "The Kid" appearing on, it was asked whether the character played by Savannah Liles was, "some sort of little demon or mini extraterrestrial or older man or maybe she’s just a cute little girl". The fact is that her role was that of an elemental spirit known as a "sprite". The word 'sprite' comes from the word 'spirit', and the appearance of a sprite usually has some significance because they typically bear some kind of message for the one to whom they appear. Part of the message is often embedded in a bit of playful mischief. 

Savannah Liles character, The Kid, almost magically appears in the back of Dennis Enarson's red Mercedes-Benz and gives him a message, "Shut up and drive" and then later tells him to stop wasting time doing endless product endorsements, which are dulling his senses and making him reflect upon a time when his life used to be more fun and fulfilling. The sprite goads Enarson into getting back to doing the thing he loves most, which is ride his BMX bike and doing those, "flippy things". 

Enarson and The Kid arrive at an abandon warehouse, and while he is lost in his gravity-defying art of BMX stunts and re-acquainting himself with his passion, the red headed sprite Savannah Liles uses the distraction as an opportunity to boost his hot red Mercedes sports car. It is foreshadowed in the spot that The Kid will ultimately acquire the red car since she is decidedly a very red haired and red complected young lady. 

Is Savannah Liles an alien? Sprite? Imp? Where else do such elemental spirits, or 'sprites' appear in movies and advertising, and what are their messages? I first became familiar with them in the "Squirm" episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 where a character called "Coily the Spring Sprite" appears to teach a lesson about the importance of springs in our daily lives. If you are already a fan of MST3K then you know what I'm talking about. If not and you want a good hearty laugh, please go watch the full episode. 

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